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merry christmas

well i had a pretty good christmas. I got some cool books, and some money, which is good because i have to keep saving for that bike. I was really thankful though that all my grandparents were present for this one, and i hope that it is the same way next year and for years to follow. but i did something really random today. I ran. my dad wanted me to get the newspaper today, so i ran to get it. It felt good for about the first 300 meters and then i about died. It was a little disheartening, but i will get over it. But it means also that i won't be going into the coast gaurd or the air force because i still have the exercise enduced aesthma (or however you spell it). Which is kinda sad, but i don't really mind either, it just means that i will have to find my calling elsewhere. well, there was only one thing that i didn't get for christmas that i wanted but i wasn't expecting that i would get it anyway... oh well, sorry that i don't update so much anyymore, i just don't feel like writing soo much. Its hard to explain. but thats my life for now, Darin.
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