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i slept.... (kinda)

well, i have been in bed since yesturday at about 6 o'clock at night, I didn't sleep continuously though everyone kept waking me up. I just wanted to be like: "hey, i am sick leave me the fuck alone" but i didn't i was a "nice" sick person. well, i did dream last night and it was really creepy, it was soo realistic, and i woke up yet again in one of the night sweat things, yeah, it sucked, especially since my room was freezing, so, then i just went and peeed and then went back to bed. It was an interesting night. Well, yesturday sucked balls. I worked nine hours with the flu, and one of those hours was spent in the managers meeting. and i didn't get to get intoxicated yesturday to finish the story that i am writing. all i have to say is i need someone to help me cap off the rest of my alchohol because i don't want to drink all of the rest myself. But i am going to get shitfaced thursday night finish the story, then shitfaced again for new year's eve, and hopefully that will take care of the rest of my alchohol, i am going to donate my 3 Mike's Hard lemonade to Sue's party, so i don't have to worry about them. But i just don't want to get drunk anymore. I am actually tired of it. I have seen soo many people ruin there lives with that shit, that i don't want to have to watch myself ruin my own life with it. well, that is all for the moment, i guess all i have to say is it feels good to feel better. -Darin.
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