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life not knowing who you are, all you know is the broken heart that beats softly

17 December
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21 years old, single, 5'8 150 pounds 29 inch waiste, and working on getting in REALLY good shape. I work full time at Lowe's (for now) and i am on a volunteer pit crew team on the side that races in the ARCA series (root for car #26). So i keep pretty busy. I love to write, and it is very apparent from my last journal, if you want to look at my past life in the last year you can read my old lj (gtdriver281). I was at college, but i decided it wasn't for me, and i want to follow my dreams and do something automotive for the rest of my life. I don't know if i will stay in michigan for very much longer, because i really just want to leave this place and go down south probably to Florida, so that is my goal by this time next year. I like to listen to rock, and classic rock, but other times i will listen to anything and everything. But one of the bands that is on my Top 5 list of all time greatest bands right now, is the rolling stones (they rock my world). Enjoy your reading, Darin.