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something blew my mind yesturday....

well, i was about to go to work yesturday, and my phone rang, so i picked it up, and it said "Joe" on the caller i.d. well, i haven't talked to Joe in quite sometime. It turns out he got me something for my birthday and for christmas. I didn't know what to say, it really kinda blew my mind. So, we talked for about a half an hour about life, and i told him how i am kinda turning into a country boy, and he was proud of me. But he did propose to Kim, so it really is official that they are getting married now, and to be honest with you and myself, as long as they are both happy together, i will support them both. He also said that he is going to stop smoking which also made me proud, because i really wish that he wouldn't have started in the first place, but hey, we all make mistakes. But i hope that Joe and i can really make up our differences, becasue it was soo much fun in the past years playing hockey on the pond together and making fun of James and his inability to put the puck in the "net" (cough laundry basket cough cough). but once he gets back we'll see what happens. but work still sucks. I feel bad because this guy is not doing his job, and i have to "motivate" him to start doing it. And by motivate i mean punish him if he doesn't stop slacking. i like this guy though, so i really don't want to punish him, but i am not going to take the heat for his errors. well, i think that is all for today. -Darin.

PS i had another weird dream last night....
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