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new years....

well, all i have to say is i really learned my lesson, i am not drinking that much ever again. And my supply of Jager didn't make it a half an hour. You do the math: i weigh 150, i didn't have any food in me, and i drank half of fith of Jager in a half hour. well, if you add all that up you get one thing: REALLY FUCKING DRUNK. I really don't remember much of anything at all from last night. but i can't live like this anymore. I am not drinking like this anymore, i am ruining my life doing all of this drinking. so i am going to keep sober. I HAVE to keep sober. i think that i am going to pour out the half a fith of Capt. Morgan that i bought yesturday... well, on better news, i got the yamaha belt buckle, and a belt for it yesturday, and i have to say its the shit, i love it. and i got the mustang necklace back, and i am thrilled about that too, becasue i did kinda miss it and stuff, and it feels good to have it around my neck again. well that is all for now. -Darin
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