Darin (nonameracer) wrote,

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working on stuff

well, i am working on solving problems in my life right now, and then when i am done here, i think that i am going to go back to working on the problems with the mustang and the enduro. i got an ignition switch for the enduro, and i am about to go and test it as soon as the battery charges, and then i am going to go see if i can find out what is wrong with the rearend on the mustang, becasue i think i might actually be able to help it. i all ready fixed the belt squeak on it (YAY!!!!) so, i have been quite busy this morning. well, i think that the garage is calling me, so i will update more later. -Darin.

PS damn it feels good to get my hands dirty again. i have missed this for many months....
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