Darin (nonameracer) wrote,

the good and the bad

i have worked on a lot today, i have worked on my courage, i have worked on my personal life, and right now as i write this i am working on relationships with people, i also worked on the mustang and the 73 yamaha today. well, i will start with the good, and go to the bad. for the mustang: good news: posi works again, bad news, the belt squeak came back.... Now, for the enduro, the ignition switch works, and so does the horn (its sounds soo funny, i messed with that horn forever today) but it still doesn't have spark.... but hey the horn still works, and i am thinking that it is either the wiring or the points in that bike and i am going to have to send it away for the points, so i think that i am going to do that soon if i don't buy that race bike. now for the good about myself i stopped drinking, i have thought about it long and hard, and there just isn't a point in it anymore. well, i might have a date this week too... which would be really good, because i need to get back out there. Its like the saying about falling off a horse you know, after you fall off, you need to get right back on. Well i have fallen pretty badly, so i think its time for me to give it another shot, so we'll see what happens. on other news, i won't be online like i ussually am, because i will be sleeping like all day since i am working nights for this week. but i did buy the daredevil dvd it i really like that movie, he could be my favorite super hero... but spiderman is still pretty boss. well, i think thats all for the day, Darin.
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